Thursday, May 19, 2011


Okay that is simple enough...THIRTY-ONE, you are probably thinking is that a number, an age, a page in a book, NO it is Thirty-One a direct selling company that is based on Provebs 31 from the Bible. Thirty-One is NOT your run of the mill direct selling company, it is MORE and then SOME :) Hard to explain, I know that when I started I sure didn't expect what I HAVE now and continue to have :) It is a feeling of being blessed with a great and exciting job, new friends, and belonging to a company that supports YOU every step of te way and MORE...

I never expected anything that has taken place in my this past year to be as GREAT as it has BEEN...

If you would like more info on Thirty-One just let me and I can send you info...I promise you won't be disappointed...if you are a stay at home mom and you want some extra money THIS is is selling like HOT CAKES and it is a great night out for YOU and you meet new friends and make lasting relationships...Ask me how to get started and to build your own do not have to be local, THIRTY-ONE is going places :)

I go to work and end up at a PARTY... no joke :)

Independent DIRECTOR with Thirty-One gifts

Our TOTE-ALLY awsome BEACH TOTE personalized for the FAMILY :)

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