Saturday, January 28, 2012


These are the last few days to get our THERMAL TOTES for just $10...THINK about teachers gifts for the end of school, gifts for the bus drivers, gifts for the GRADUATES, think EASTER baskets...

Our THERMAL TOTES make great RE-USABLE GIFT baskets...fill them up with Easter goodies and after Easter you have a great FASHIONABLE and FUNCTIONAL Thermal tote for your lunch.
If you mention that you read my blog, I will do FREE SHIPPING TO YOU, no matter where you are...message me on Facebook,
or email me at or call me at 814.603.3382
MONDAY JANUARY 31st if the ABSOLUTE LAST DAY to get them at the $10 price...
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Ladies I am offerin a SUPER BOWL event for LADIES and it only costs $5 to get your CHANCE to win a shopping can buy as many NUMBERS as you like and WIN multiple times...Message me here on FACEBOOK :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello everyone and welcome to a NEW and IMPROVED BLOG by ME. I am always so excited to get on here and BLOG, but I run short of time, but that is going to CHANGE...I will be blogging TWICE A WEEK NOW.
Well THIRTY-ONE is getting the year off to a VERY STRONG START.
We have a NEW CATALOG and NEW PRINTS and PRODUCTS…I have new catalogs ready to go out to those that would like one, just email me @ or text or call me @ 814-603-3382 and I will get one to you. This year we are going to have 3 new catalogs throughout the year, I think this is an exciting adventure because each catalog can be more specific to our ever changing seasons, holidays, and products. I know that everyone has Valentine’s day on their mind, then EASTER will be just around the corner. Well for FEBRUARY we are offering spend $31 and get 31% off of another item, can’t beat that, you can get a purse and wallet to match, get a new lunch tote (new style/print) and matching bag for work, get some new utility totes for your SPRING time activities, or my FAVORITE stock up on RE-USABLE EASTER BASKETS that are personalized for that SPECIAL individual. OUR Thermal lunch totes for $15 make the BEST Easter basket, they can be filled with whatever you want to put in them making them an adorable basket, then after Easter is over the person has a cute and stylish thermal lunch container personalized for them for their lunches, it MAKES GREAT SENSE  We also have a new product debuting in the FEBRUARY issue, a MINI STORAGE BIN, but don’t let the name fool you, it is a cute stout stand up bin that could also be used as an Easter basket and personalized, it is approx 10 inches high x 8 inches deep x 8 inches deep. It has many other uses too, for organizing in your home, for diapers and wipes on the changing table, for keeping all those small items in the bathroom in one place, and so much more. Now I am going to throw out a couple of offers to my faithful followers: For the first 3 that contact me about having a party, I will give you a FREE organizing utility tote, YOUR CHOICE with FREE personalization…at YOUR PARTY---For the first 3 that call or email me with an order I will give you FREE SHIPPING---both of these offers are ONLY VALID THROUGH the month of FEBRUARY…however if you are booking a party for the FREE organizing utility tote, you can book in FEBRUARY, MARCH, OR APRIL…don’t hesitate because my calendar is filling up fast and if you need to place an order FREE SHIPPING to your door is a SWEET DEAL. Have a super happy Valentine’s Day with your SWEETHEARTS and I will be back with some exciting news later THIS WEEK. GOD BLESS...Tammy Miller-Senior Director with Thirty-One Gifts
call or text 814-603-3382

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New YEAR

Happy New Year everyone...You will be thrilled to know that I am scheduling time into my business hours to keep my blog up to date.

It makes me feel better knowing that I will have time to blog again.

Stay tuned for some big changes.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another day....

June 15th was my last post and I think that was the first time Thirty-One was letting in new ladies...I believe the first 3100 since the is one of the last days of the monday they will all be in and we will be back to active more wait list :) woo hoo :)

Thirty-One is so unbelievable...we are now a team of 30 + and growing more each day...the opportunity that I chose to take last year in Feruary 2010 was the BEST step that I have ever taken in my LIFE...I mean even above and beyond my education...I know a lot of people do not BELIEVE in Direct Selling, but I do and I can probably find you 10,000 other women that do as well :) I Promise if you take this ride/journey with me you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Our new Fall catalog is the Best Ever!

If you send me your order at I will give you 10% off your order ane $4.00 of shipping...just send me your order and tell me you read my blog and YOU GOT IT :)

Okay everyone we are having a HUGE HEAT wave and I gotta tell you even in the AC my little chihauhau Rudy all 5lbs of him is HOT..he is NEVER hot, always curled in a ball and cold...not today :)

Okay here are a few photos of our new fall product line...Awesome :)