Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another day....

June 15th was my last post and I think that was the first time Thirty-One was letting in new ladies...I believe the first 3100 since the is one of the last days of the monday they will all be in and we will be back to active more wait list :) woo hoo :)

Thirty-One is so unbelievable...we are now a team of 30 + and growing more each day...the opportunity that I chose to take last year in Feruary 2010 was the BEST step that I have ever taken in my LIFE...I mean even above and beyond my education...I know a lot of people do not BELIEVE in Direct Selling, but I do and I can probably find you 10,000 other women that do as well :) I Promise if you take this ride/journey with me you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Our new Fall catalog is the Best Ever!

If you send me your order at I will give you 10% off your order ane $4.00 of shipping...just send me your order and tell me you read my blog and YOU GOT IT :)

Okay everyone we are having a HUGE HEAT wave and I gotta tell you even in the AC my little chihauhau Rudy all 5lbs of him is HOT..he is NEVER hot, always curled in a ball and cold...not today :)

Okay here are a few photos of our new fall product line...Awesome :)

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