Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Amazing...I am sitting here listening to a phone conference related to THIRTY-ONE gifts...I was introduced to this company in NOVEMBER of 2009 by my sister-in-law...I didn't really want to sell it, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it I joined/bought the KIT for $99...I am pretty sure that was the best 100 bucks I have ever spent...I think that my husband will also agree :) This takes me to NOW January of 2011...I am now a DIRECTOR with THIRTY-ONE gifts and I have 13 girls under me...MY TEAM...we are small but continually growing...We are just now getting ready to go into a new SPRING/SUMMER catalog February 1st...UNBELIEVEABLE...You might think "oh wow big deal she has had over a year to get where she it" well that is just it...I did NOTHING until FEBRUARY of 2010, so in a little under a year I have moved up to DIRECTOR with this company...I am currently awaiting my dream rewards incentive which will be a BEST BUY gift card, a cruise, disney, and I AM not even PUTTING all my EFFORT into this right now...I am currently working full-time, finishing up college for my degree in Health Info Technology with an RHIT, and I have a family with 3 kids...BUSY BUSY BUSY...I can't even imagine what I could do putting ALL MY EFFORT into this business...I just want to tell YOU and want YOU to tell ALL YOUR FRIENDS about THIRTY-ONE, becuase it is BY FAR the BEST EVER DIRECT SELLING COMPANY OUT THERE...HANDS DOWN :) If you want to find out more, just ask! I LOVE TO SHARE this with anyone and everyone that I know or MIGHT GET TO KNOW! Wow, I can't even believe it myself and I just re-read what I typed and am still in AWE :) LOVE LOVE LOVE THIRITY-ONE GIFTS!

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I would LOVE TO SHARE this WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY with YOU and help you get started :)

So when my baby turned 4 and started pre-school (two years ago) I decided that I am NOT going to be HAPPY sitting at home by myself while my kids are at school, SO WHAT COULD I DO with my time...I was heavily into scrapbooking/making tear bears and selling on EBAY and ETSY and was able to have extra spending money...PERFECT :) but I had always wanted to further my education and that is what I chose to do...I began my college adventure 2 years ago and for the most part put SCRAPBOOKING on the back burner and totally DELVED INTO MY SCHOOL WORK...then with THIRTY-ONE on the HORIZON, the scrapbooking stuff got stowed away and now the THIRTY-ONE stuff is on my DESK/work space and believe it or not I NEED more room for THIRTY-ONE than I did with scrappin...I MISS scrappin big time, but will eventually do it again...So I am here, weeks away from my degree, already working in the health care field and LOVING IT...and selling THIRTY-ONE and LOVING it....what more could any ONE person ask for? I am not sure...I should be HAPPY and LOVING LIFE...I guess I have so much right now that I don't know what to do with myself, there isn't ONE thing that I would/could GIVE UP :( SO here I am...a WIFE, mom, HIM analysis/coder/jack of all trades, Director with Thirty-One gifts and ME :)


Thanks for reading and if you are not interested in this opportunity but know SOMEONE who might be, just pass the info ON :)

THANKS for reading EVERYONE...take care and I will post again SOMETIME :) LOL

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