Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Well this week has been....

just like a ROLLER COASTER, downs, then more ups, then WAY MORE DOWNS :( Not sure how I feel or what is going on and/or why it ALWAYS involves am not even sure what to think anymore! You know there are people who LIVE FOR THE DAY...I have tried and I NEED to LIVE for more than just that planning is essential for me....well TONIGHT I got a ONE week and ONE day notice that my husband is going to be LAID OFF woo about time...REALLY it doesn't matter what the heck can you save in ONE WEEK :( but he just got back to work...He has been back, like 4 months if that...I am beside myself with worry and HATE! I guess we did it before for 6 months...why not do it again :( Not looking forward to it at all...skimping and saving with 3 growing kids that are NEEDY every day of their guess we have our HEALTH *for now* and that we SHOULD be THANKFUL for, but all this STRESSING can cause health problems for sure...Well tomorrow is a NEW DAY...not that it is going to be any better than today or last week, but it is a NEW DAY and a DAY to make changes...I found a ton of sites here on the net and bloggers that really PINCH PENNYS :) I guess I will be BECOMING more FRUGAL...YAY so much fun! Can ya feel the SARCASIM?????? LOL....Okay well I hope that all is well in YOUR WORLD and am HOPING for BETTER DAYS!

Here's to FRUGAL LIVING :)

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