Tuesday, January 19, 2010

NEW Products and NEW consultant.........

I have NOT found ONE PERSON yet that doesn't like these products! The product line is called THIRTY-ONE and the products are PHENOMENAL and they can be PERSONALIZED...A GIFT for that HARD TO BUY FOR person! Teachers, new baby's, new moms, any mom, grandmas, aunts, friends, sports teams, just anyone that you can think of...we have a GIFT for you! I am headed to HERSHEY, PA for a huge conference this weekend and am very EXCITED to meet the other consultants and see the products and just mingle with other THIRTY ONE consultants :) I am going to add a link to my website and you can see all the WONDERFUL products! CLICK HERE FOR MY SITE You can go in and look at the CATALOGS and also see what this MONTHS specials are...The THERMAL TOTES are $8 and $10 and 1/2 price embroidery on them...these are the MOST MULTI-FUNCTIONAL item ever-they keep things cold, hot, they work great for baby's bottles and food, drinks, a first aid kit, team's for their drinks, they are just AMAZING and so FUNCTIONAL! THIS is also a SUPER DEAL! Also if you HOST a party, you get DOUBLE REWARDS :) Can't beat that! Okay well please DO YOURSELF and ME a FAVOR and take a peek...If you already have THIRTY ONE products, COMMENT here and let me know what you think!


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