Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Sunday.....

here and soon to be gone...not that I don't like weekends, but my husband works 12 hours shifts and has every other weekend off, so minus the kids being home, my weekends really aren't that special. I really enjoy the weekdays, I have more of a schedule then and with the kids in school it is more peaceful and I can get my housework, work work, and school work done, so weekends are really just for chillaxin'...LOL!
So today is FOOTBALL day-GO STEELERS!-and today starts my last week in my class on ethics, so that means FINALS...I have a perfect grade in the class so far, I wonder how much I can screw it up with the final...hopefully not too bad. I am also doing up some laundry and am thinkin' pizza for supper, our favorite go to meal, not that it is really cheap, but it is quick and everyone likes it!
I am getting ready to order some really cool items for CHRISTMAS, I cannot help but to think about it, since it had to SNOW this past week :) So I am trying to get some stuff in mind to make or buy for everyone for the holidays. My first great idea (I think) is handmade all occasion cards for the adult friends that I have and even for my gram and aunt kitty and of course I will make a decorative container for them to be stored in and have them filed by occasion. (not sure on the container yet) Also I just started making JEWELRY...I know I know there are so so so many jewelry makers out there, but I have just been in awe of some of the things that I have seen on there are some awesome jewelry makers on there. I have been trying to sell my scrapbook tear bears, pre-made pages, and charms on that site over ebay, to save some money, but so far I have just bought stuff and had very few sales...that can't be good.
So anyway I guess I had better get my final paper wrote for my class and start studying for my final...I have some tests that I have to have done in Pittsburgh this week and am NOT looking forward to them :( But Iwill go and get it over with and hope for good results!
Have a wonderful SUNDAY everyone and God Bless!

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