Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So today is my YOUNGEST'S birthday...He is so excited...he is getting a NEW BIKE, so I really cannot wait until he sees it, he is up and at school now....He wanted a pumpkin cake...for some reason he thinks that since he was born near Halloween, that he has to have a pumpkin cake, so that is what he is getting...LOL...He is so funny...he is just now getting back to Pre K since the budget has passed and he has grown so much...It is hard to believe that it has been 5 years since I had him...TIME FLYS!
Happy 5th Birthday TROY!
Other things that I am working on...I just started a new class, ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY...yikes it is a bit complex, but I love the medical field, so it shouldn't be a problem... :)
I am going to go to a craft show in Dubois on November 21st and hopefully take some of my handmade cards and also I am going to start selling a new product (I THINK) courtesey of my sis in law, she found it down south and brought it here and it is AWESOME...I will let you know when I get signed up :)
A NEW SONG that I am loving FIREFLIES/Owl City...LOVE IT!
Troy is going to be SANTA for HALLOWEEN and let me tell you he is HILARIOUS...LOL.
Luke is going to be a PIRATE, he wanted to be a skeleton, but I coudln't find that for him :( But he makes a good pirate :)
Abby is not dressing this year she is 14 so it is time, but she is going to a halloween party with friends :)
I would LOVE to go to a dress up HALLOWEEN party...so much FUN!
I don't get out much...LOL.
Well I really should be working on making cards...FOR SOME ODD REASON I am SO NOT MOTIVATED :( Wish I was tho.
Tonight my gram is having lasagna, salad, and cake and ice cream for Troy's Birthday...YUM and I don't have to cook :) LOVE THAT!
Okay everyone ENJOY the BEAUTIFUL WEATHER it won't last long and HAVE A SUPER WEEK!!

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