Monday, August 10, 2009

August is here..........

and I never thought it would make it, this means to me that SCHOOL is SO CLOSE :)
and it is also SUPER HOT here in PA today as it was yesterday and I am thinkin tomorrow and the next day will be the same as well...I guess I am ready for FALL...I am a Fall kinda person :) I don't really care to be hot, I would rather be chilly and put a sweatshirt on than be hot and not be able to take my *clothes off* LOL
I think that school clothes are pretty much taken care of, we still need sneakers and bookbags :)
I am in week 6 of my HIT class and I have a course project that is due in week 8, 2 weeks and counting...I am not done, but am sure I will have no problem completing it. Then right into my next HIT class...I think I have 64 credits that I have to obtain in HIT classes which is Health Information Technology classes :) I am loving it :)
Dave is still unemployed from Rexam :( but working part-time at the 911 center, which is good :) We are doing okay, it is hard, and will only get harder come october when we have NO HEALTH CARE :( but I am sure we will find a way!
I am working steadily on the BVFC 100th year celebration that is coming up VERY QUICKLY in september...I am hoping for a nice turn-out and something that the fireman can be proud of :)
Okay well that was a quickie update, hope all is well with everyone and I will post again later, hopefully not a month later...LOL

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