Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow, things change quickly!

I can't believe how things can change so quickly :( Actually I did know this, but I guess when it isn't happening to you it isn't as bad :( I am not sure what to think?????
I have what I thought was a bug bite on my neck/back and I went to the doctor last week for it and she was pretty sure it was't Lyme disease and thought it was some type of a bite, but it wasn't infected or anything, so she gave me some type of cream for itching and pain...so I used it...well within a day I found a lump on the back of my neck near the mark, then within another day I found another lump near my collar bone...now it is the weekend and I am worried...so I scheduled with the doctor and got in today...well she said it might be LYME disease, but she doens't think so...she is calling a specialist about the swollen lymph node on my collar bone plus I have to have a bunch of tests done :( She thinks that the lump on my neck is a cyst and it will resolve on its own or she will drain it...but the one on my collar bone is bothering her and she isn't sure what to think...I have all the testing on THURSDAY so I guess I won't know until Friday or so...I HATE waiting and worrying :( Then I had Abby to the doctor for a yearly physical and they heard a heart murmur and she has to have an electrocardiogram and also they are monitoring her spine that seems to have a curvature :( Nothing major, but all the same, she is my child and I don't want anything to be wrong with her :( I am such a worrier and this is making me CRAZY!

On a lighter note I had my yardsale and did pretty good...got a clean house and made a few extra bucks too :) I am thinking about Dave and I taking a small vacation to the beach in Delaware in August if I can decided what to do with my kids for 3 days :) We will see what happens...Dave is still laid off and we have heard so many things about the company right up to it might shut down, but NOTHING OFFICIAL. SO we are still waiting and wondering ????

I hope you are all great out there and taking care of yourselves and enjoying your summers :)

Have a wonderful week and take care :) I am going into my summer session of classes next week and wow they look crazy hard :)


Lost Mitten said...

I hope that everything ends up working out great for you. I know it is hard not to worry when it comes to doctor's appointments and stuff, and hard to get it out of your mind...hopefully you can take your mind off things until you find out! I'm a huge worrier myself so I can totally relate!

Nicole Bailey said...

omg Tammy...I hope it all works out. :o( Try not to worry...I know waiting for test results to come back is soooo hard. Hang in there!

I had a heart mumur when I was little and I don't have one any more...it went away on it's own...I heard of that before from other people. ;o)