Monday, September 7, 2009

in a SLUMP.......

is anyone else in a SLUMP? I can't seem to shake it matter what I do or where I turn it is a dead end of some sort...I mean health wise, we are all fine, but financially it is getting worse, physically and mentally for me it is getting harder to keep up with, and a little bit of ME TIME would be greatly appreciated...I also have LOST my scrappin MOJO completely :( I cannot find it and I am not sure how to go about recovering it???? Maybe when things start looking up I will feel like being CREATIVE :) Something to look forward to I guess!
The kids are back in school except Troy, he isn't back to Pre K yet, because our PA budget hasn't passed and that is where the funding for the Pre K comes from :( FROWN FROWN :( I might have to try and get him into pre-school for a few weeks until they get started...I don't know, but he def. needs to do something with his bad little self :) LOL
Had a family get together over the holiday times and good food all around...went to the drive in to see 3 movies and we had steaks and taters with cukes :) YUMO! It rained, so we didn't do anything else. The kids are in bed now and hopefully in bed for the NIGHT :) school tomorrow and an early start....I am going to try and or at least attempt to make something CUTE with my scrapbook stuff, we will see what happens :)
I am following some awesome blogs/bloggers on here...they are all so very talented :) Kudos to all you bloggers out there :) Keep on bloggin :)

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Hi Tammy! I am a follower of your blog and a Facebook "friend". Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Hello! LOL - I have been in slumps in regards to scrapbooking and just being creative in general. I always seem to get my mojo (that's exactly what I call it too!) back at some point - I'm sure you will too.

Anyways, I've just started a blog of my own - if you'd like please come check it out - follow it - leave a comment, etc..! I've only just started a few days ago, but I plan to have alot of photos and advice on decorating on a budget - lots of crafting, repurposing, etc. I can be found at

Hope to see you there and maybe something will inspire you out of your funk! :)