Sunday, May 17, 2009


You know I can HONESTLY SAY now that "I KNOW WHY PEOPLE are LOSING EVERYTHING THAT THEY HAVE" in this hubby is NOW LAID OFF, unknown if he will go back, we won't get an unemployment check until the END of the month, so we got his last pay check just on THURSDAY and there are 5 of us, so we have that little amount of money to work with until the end of the month, actually they said and get this "THERE SHOULD BE MONEY IN YOUR ACCOUNT ON THE 27th" I was like WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU THINK? can I not get a FOR SURE DATE?...I mean this is just plain CRAZY :( I did apply for assistance and of course so did and has everyone and their brother, so that is right now I am buying food to get by and holding on to that last little bit of cash that we have right now, until I see more...YES I have bills to pay, but I am afraid to pay them and then have no FOOD to feed my kids :( I live in a small town in PA and it seems as tho I have seen this on the news for that past couple of years and it just seemed to NOT BE HERE, where I was and NOW it is finally hitting and there are NO JOBS...I am going to COLLEGE and my dilema, DO I QUIT and get a shitty part time burger flippin' job or stay in COLLEGE and try and make it thru? I mean I am schooling so that I don't have to go get another shitty job....GOSH I DON'T know and it seems as tho NO ONE DOES :(

On a lighter note I MADE the DEANS LIST from my first set of classes at college and have maintained a 3.75 grade point average, so I have stayed on the Deans list the entire time :) Now this ALGEBRA that I am taking now, might bring me down :( I am struggling so bad with it...I can do it but then I cannot remember it after a period of time and that sucks, cause I have finals on it, so RIGHT now I have a rolodex system on how to solve EVERY ALGEBRA problem that I have come across :) SO we will see how it goes :) ALGEBRA and I have NEVER GOTTEN ALONG :)

We have had a super busy and fun filled weekend too...we took the kids to the drive in, we had a bogo coupon and it only cost us $20 to go and we ONLY BOUGHT POPCORN, so we stayed on a pretty tight budget...I mean you CAN'T go thru life and do NOTHING, so anyway we saw Hannah Montana the Movie and 17 AGAIN, both GREAT MOVIES :) I loved them and we went to our DRIVE-IN, yes we are FORTUNATE enough to have a DRIVE IN :) it is awesome to go and sit out on a blanket in the warm weather and watch movies under the stars :) here is the link to our local drive in and we are like 3 miles away from it, so it is AWESOME :)

Very nice place and the OWNER is GREAT! I just hope that we can keep it GOING :) It is just awesome to still have one so close by :)

Then yesterday morning our LIONS CLUB and other sponsers had a FISHING EVENT at our WATER/DAM/PARK for kids 8-noon and even tho none of my kids caught a fish, they still had a blast and the weather was pretty reasonable for us, a little rain, but nothing to have to leave about :) Here are a few pictures of my crew fishing :)

A FUN day was had by ALL!

Here are some creations that I have been working on they are listed in my store

All of the above are available at my store and I can ALSO do ANY CUSTOM orders...JUST ASK and my prices are VERY REASONABLE :)

Okay well that pretty much tops off the past few days of my life and what it has been like for the past couple of WISH me LUCK on the unemployment situation and also keep us in your prayers, my hubbys uncle is sick and dying...he is just elderly and has problems, but losing anyone for any reason is a shock :(
Have a wonderful DAY EVERYONE!

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Anonymous said...

I hope that things turn out with the job and all! You poor thing!