Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Layoff, Flu, and so much more........

Where to start? Hmmmmm, let me see.

Well since this is what is bothering me the MOST let us start with hubby got laid I know that this has been going on now for quite sometime, and I know that people have been suffering...we are not the first ones that will suffer, but HOW in the HECK do you do it? I guess unemployment ONLY pays like 1/2 of what you made, I work part time and go to college, my income will help, but it isn't gonna do a whole lot I bring home $300 a month :) so I don't know, maybe go in and trade for a smaller more economical vehicle, we just bought our van last year brand spankin' new off the lot, our first ever BRAND NEW VEHICLE, not even a year old...I am not so sure that is a good idea, maybe wait a bit and only do that if we absolutely have to, we are already using just ONE CAR...our house payment HAS to be paid, our INSURANCES have to be paid, we have to FEED our kids, I really in the worst kind of way need MEDICAL COVERAGE, I am an asmathtic and need my meds and I have High Blood Pressure and need my meds...I am in the middle of allergy shots...good grief...I am sure I can get medical cards for the kids :) or at least I am HOPING I CAN...I mean I don't know...maybe I just need to SIT BACK and THINK ABOUT IT ALL LONG and HARD :)

I do know that it is making me CRAZY :(

I am starting my 4 session of college and I am doing College Algebra with Graphing...I am not so sure about it...LOL...I am kind of already CONFUSED...LOL

Also this darn sickness that keeps getting closer to me in PA and keeps spreading and people are so sickly and dying oh my...I currently have two of my 3 kids at home with fevers and flu like symptoms...both have been to the doctor and diagnosed with just the FLU, but what if it is this crazy swine flu :( I am pretty sure it isn't, but you just never about an article that I read somewhere that said to have a 10 day supply of food and water for your family just in case we were all quarantined to our homes in case of an does that scare the crap out of you or what :( GOOD wonder I am stressed beyond stess...LOL

I am going to do some scrappin' now that I said all that crap...Oh and I deFUNKified my house with BLEACH WATER and LYSOL...KITCHEN, BATHROOM, and all my dishes through the dishwasher with a little bleach added to the dish washing hopefully if I do that daily we could possibly keep germs away :) we will see :)

Hope everyone out there is HEALTHY, WELL, and SCRAPBOOKING :)


Crafting with Sue said...

So sorry to hear about your hubby Tammy. I've been there. It's hard and extremely stressful! Hope the kids get better soon. I will keep your family in my prayers!


Denise said...

So sorry to hear about the layoff and everything else!! My hubby is on a rotating lay off where he works for 3 weeks and is off for 1. I hope that continues but it's not looking good. He also has to have medical insurance. Hang in there, prayers coming your way.