Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What a busy day.......

You know today seems so much like Monday...today is Tuesday of course, but my entire morning and now my afternoon has been spent running around like a crazy person from a delay to school today because of the COLD temps, to getting them all to school on time, being late for an allergy shot appt., now woofing down a granola bar and an iced vanilla coffee, to now getting ready to go out the door again for another doctors appt. Sometimes I don't mind all the running, but sometimes it makes me crazy when I think of the things that I could be getting done at home and here I am out running around...LOL...I mean the things that I am doing obviously need done too, but sometimes the home things seem a bit more important :) So anyway I hope you are all having a great day, despite the FREEZING cold temps here, it is sunny out and looks very promising for a nice spring day until you see the temps under 10 degrees and then the wind blows and it is below ZERO :( YIKES! where is spring!
I am just getting into my new college classes, another microsoft excel class and an english composition class and I must say that I am very intriqued by BOTH! and eager to get started...I have a narrative essay due in this first week and havn't even thought about it yet. :( I will tho :)
Oh and oh my gosh I finished the TWILIGHT book last night, couldn't put it down and read until like 1:30 in the morning, crazy I know, but I was compelled to finish it and know what would happen next...then it also gives you the first chapeter of the next book and I read it too and CANNOT wait to get to the library to get it :( I need it NOW! So addicting :) Weird I know and I am not even a book reader...LOL.
Well I guess I had better get myself together and get ready for my doctors appt. it is for a bp check and a check on my weight :( Grrrrrrrrr I hate weight...LOL...I need to lose it yes, but why does it have to be so stinking hard...IF anyone has any useful WEIGHT LOSS tips POST them in my COMMENTS PLEASE :)
Thanks so much and have a super duper day!

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