Monday, March 2, 2009

Today is MONDAY.......

and I have really done nothing to amount to anything yet today, I am feeling a bit sickly, maybe like a stomach bug or something like that :( Not sure tho :) Now tomorrow I have 2 doctors appts. to go to and that will be what I do for most of the day! I started my new session of classes today, another computer class, a bit more complex in the area of microsoft excel and then an english writing class...they both interest me, but I am not so sure about the computer class...oh HOW I hate it when my computer doesn't do what I want it to do...LOL... :)
So on my new hobby I still haven't come up with anything yet...I did do some of my own scrapbook pages this weekend and of course I made some nice handmade cards to sell on ebay as well all of which turned out great!
I am reading TWILIGHT still...I posted about this a while back and had gotten the book from our local library for the HECK of it and the fact that I am nosey and couldn't stand everyone talking about it and ME not knowing what it was all is like the TEENAGE craze...anyway my 2 weeks went by at the library and I had only breeched chaper 1, well last night before bed I read for an hour and let me tell you IT IS A GOOD BOOK...even though it is for teenagers I am so intrigued by it and will be finishing it up and getting the next one in the series which I will have to ask my daughter about LOL :)
Okay well I hope everyones week has started out great and continues great!
Oh I made boston cream cupcakes this weekend, pretty easy and I used all store bought products...I used a yellow cake mix and make cupcakes, I used cooked vanilla pudding for the filling and chocolate icing pre-made for the frosting and OH MY they are so good :) A nice and quick dessert!

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Warm 'N Fuzzy said...

Oh my goodness...don't forget to breathe, girl! You sound just about as busy as me sometimes...I always need to be doing something ;)