Friday, February 27, 2009

I need a NEW hobby!

I mean I need something NEW to get me going again :) I love my scrapbooking/tear bears and stuff, but they just aren't keeping me MOTIVATED enough to keep with it :( SO SAD I know and I have a TON of pages of my own family to DO :) and I will :) Anyway I am thinking about doing some SEWING stuff :) just thinking, I am not a professional sewer by any means :) but I am going to give it a shot...I already have the machine, and I got some stuff to make, so NOW I just need the GUMPTION to do it! Maybe this weekned...I see a lot of people are getting into the BATH making products :) like salts, bombs, and stuff like that...I am not really into that, I love to bath, but don't get to very often at all :( So that really isn't me :( I just don't know what I would want to TRY! I did stained glass a while back and it is just too time consuming and too much stuff is needed and I just don't have the room for it all :( I love to paint and draw :) maybe something up that alley would suit me, not sure :) Well anyway I am thinking about it!
So what is everyone doing for the weekend? I am in the process of cleaning a bedroom and putting together bunk beds for my boys :) Oh my what a project :) It will be nice as soon as I am done tho :) They are excited about the whole deal!
We are going bowling and to dinner tomorrow with my bro and sis in law :) that will be FUN! I think that laundry and cleaning is really all that I will be doing this weekend...sounds fun huh...LOL :) Well I am wanting SPRING really bad and we have had very mild 50 degree weather here in PA for the last 4 days and NOW of course it is going to get cold again and SNOW :( was so mild and moist here that last night when I had the puppy out to go potty I saw like 10 gigantic night crawlers, the kind you catch to take fishing with you :) and they were all sprawled out and could have been caught no problem :( really tho I didn't need em', so I didn't catch em' :) Pretty soon the peepers will be out, those are frogs that make a peeping noise in the spring when the evenings are nice and cool :)
Well anyway I need SPRING :) and I am sure there are a lot of others who want it too!
Have a super weekend and take care all!

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Dizzie Noodle said...

Hi there! Thanks for following my blog! :)

I was just reading your post and thinking about how I do the same thing... I'll pick something up and get really into it for awhile and them its time to find something new for a little bit..

I also wanted to tag you in a little photo challenge, check otu my post here:

And thanks again,
Hugs, Michelle