Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it the end of the week already???????/

Wow where did the time go? I cannot belive that tomorrow is Friday already :) I guess I am glad, but then again not really...LOL...we are going to either go to a movie or go bowling with our bro and sis in law with the kids, so that will be FUN! and we got the boys a new bed, BUNK BEDS and have to pick that up and get it all assembled and ready to go, they have been begging to get that done :) I need to sit down and plan my meals for the next week plus more and get a list made for groceries and stuff :) I also need to make more of my laundry isn't bad and it is super cheap to make and I cannot see that it is any different than the stuff that is $5 or more a bottle and mine is PENNYS a load :) so I do have a lot to do this weekend...I am sure it will be here and gone before I know it as well :)
I have been going to make something NEW to list on ebay and just havn't done it, today I listed/schduled stuff for my groups THRIFTY THURSDAYS that starts at 99 cents and there are some really cute items :) that will take you there and you will be able to see the 99 cent listings later tonight :) SOME GREAT DEALS TO BE HAD THERE :)
I feel like SPRING cleaning too, but have been so tired lately...but really I guess I am ready for spring and tonight when I had the puppy outside I saw NIGHTCRAWLERS in our yard, weird I think, especially when it is like 35 degrees here, but it is REALLY WET and MUDDY, so that must be why they are out, I would think that it is too cold for them :) My husband will like that if they still come out when it is fishing season time :) LOL
Troy is adjusting okay to his new PRE-K school, I do not think that he has realized that it is every day yet tho :) it is M thru F 9 a.m. to noon and he has gone 3 days this week with tomorrow being the 4th day, and he keeps saying WHEN is the WEEKEND? LOL Bless his heart, I know it is hard for him, he is only 4 yrs old and this is like BIG KID KINDERGARTEN and a lot for him to learn and get used to :) I miss him!
Okay everyone I hope your weekends go well and you have FUN!

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