Monday, February 23, 2009

Home from our trip.......

I wish it would have been a vacationing trip :) No really I need a vacation :) We are just home from our trip to Children's hospital in seems as though our Luke is going to be fine unless they find something further in the tests that they did today, but the doctor didn't seem to think that it was going to be a real problem, so I am relived :)
I am not trying to get in school mode to take my finals and I am so tired :( I am trying tho :)
Oh Oh and guess what I had my first SALE on ETSY...yeah wasn't much, but it is a I have bought there, so I do have feedback, but this will be my first sale and feedback as a seller :) GO ME! THANKS to my purchaser and also I got added to a Treasury :) That is awesome TOO!
We looked around today at the Pittsburgh Mills, it is a huge shopping plaze near Pittsburgh and there are some really neat and gigantic stores there...we ate at the Olive Garden, we had the soup and salad and oh my it was scrumptous :) I have the chicken nocci and salad and it was too good and then I had the chocolate gelato dessert and that just put me over the edge and when we left I saw a SONIC and OH MY GOSH I so wanted to go there, but just couldn't I was overly stuffed as it was, but darnit I see SONIC commercials on T.V. and I just so wanted a slushi drink or something like that :( Grrrrrrrrrrrrr but the next time :)
SO anyone go on any great family friendly and budget concience vacations lately ? We love the beach, we go to splash lagoon in erie every year and it is like $250 a night for us to stay there and our passes for the park and last year we were all a bit bored :(...I was thinking beach, but maybe not ocean city maryland beach but maybe maine beach vacation where there are things to see and do???? Any tips pointers ideas? ANYONE? It is up in the air I guess!
Well I have some packages to ship and a few things to do before bed...I want to go to bed NOW, but I have such a huge and busy week ahead :( I have to stay up and get afew things done TONIGHT :)
Have a great day everyone and good night!

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