Sunday, February 22, 2009

It is SUNDAY evening and.........

I am slowly finishing up everything that I had going from the has been a pretty boring weekend with nothing really happening at all :( Luke had his last basketball practice yesterday and PROUDLY said that "he likes it and would like to join again next year" so I was glad of that, cause when we started he didn't like it and I really didn't expect him to go crazy about it, but just interact and have fun :) and that he did :)
I am now working on listing a bunch of handmade greeting cards that I have made in my ebay store for 99 cents and if you buy/win 5 or more they are FREE to ship :) that is an awesome deal just like going to the dollar store and FREE SHIPPING TOO!
Here are a few pictures of some that are listed!

There are plenty more that will be available for bidding tonight!

I also have a ton of CHARMS for scrapbook pages, card making, or jewelry making...some really cute ones too, monkeys, Christmas, Easter, and more...check those out too and if you tell me that you read my blog I will give you FREE SHIPPING on however many charms sets that you buy :) ANYWHERE in the U.S. or CANADA...worldwide will be just $3.00 total.

I also have a bunch of items listed on ETSY and you can find that link to that right here on my blog page :) I have lowered all the prices on those items too...FREE SHIPPING on anything that you buy in my etsy store!

Well I guess I had better get back to getting my day bag ready for our trip to Pittsburgh tomorrow...I am not against trips, but to a hospital, that is no fun, but hopefully they will be able to offer us something good and not bad :) Keep my son in your prayers, it isn't life or death, but somewhat serious, cause he is only 5 and to have kidney problems at that young of an age is NOT a good thing :( no matter how old you are :(

Have a great start to your week everyone and take care!

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Crafting with Sue said...

Tammy, I absolutely love that second card! It's beautiful!