Saturday, February 21, 2009

What a huge relief........

I finally finished my final project for my business applications class...and let me tell you is WAS NOT FUN :( I am still very unsure of wether or not I did it all right or is worth 150 points, so SURELY I got some of them :) Really tho as I was looking through my grades, I saw that my last assinment from last week, I didn't turn in the second half of it :( NOW who does that, what a total loss, I lost half of my points and that dropped me down to a "B" in that class...I am so upset and cannot belive that I did something crazy like that...I guess I was so excited to turn it in that I only turned in half of it :( Well anyway now I am down to my tests this week, they open tomorrow and close on thursday...I have tomorrow and tuesday to study, wednesday is when I am taking the tests :) On monday I will be on a trip to PITTSBURGH for my middle child...Today is not a very eventful day...I am cleaning, doing laundry, and finishing up school work.
Yesterday was my big showcase day on ETSY and I have to say that I am NOT thrilled with my hits :( I spent $7.00 NOT much, but for a day JUST ONE DAY it is alot...I think that I am going to start using all those free sites for advertising and busting my butt to get the word out on my site it is my ebay store, but that is where I do the blunt of my listing and selling...I love etsy to chat and shop, but I just cannot sell anything there and it is too depressing :( I have bought some super great things on there tho :)
Even tho Ebay is so stinking rotten I cannot seem to make any sales any where else but there...sad I know :)
So I am not sure if I have mentioned this or not, but I joined a selling group on ebay called Scrapbooking Memories Design Team "SMDT" those are the initials and you can search them on is a very nice group of firends and sellers and let me tell you there is some talent in that group! so if you are shopping for scrapbook or card making supplies or pages check us and search "SMDT" and you will find a nice array of stuff.
It is cold here in PA, not snowing or anything, just cold :) Kind of dreary too...although that my perspective and I am sick, I might be being a bit partial to my sickness, but it is indeed cold and dreary out :) I think that it is supposed to warm up some this week and all that snow will probably melt...I guess I am ready spring to get here...not hot weather, but the nice weather where you just wear a sweatshirt and you are okay.
I am not sure if I ever posted a picture of our new puppy Rudy, well he is actually 5 months old, still a pup, but not a baby baby anymore...he weighs 5 lbs. and he is hilarious and very energetic...we all love him to pieces.

I guess I didn't mention that he is a Chihauhau and his color is kind of hard to explain, cause he looks grey, but he is brown/tan and has white on him too...he is a goofball :)

I don't know if anyone reads my blog or not, but if anyone would be interested in a tear bear pattern or how to's let me know by leaving a comment and I will post a pattern and some secrets :) I know when I was first starting out it was crazy hard to find out anything about them and no one wanted to tell either :( for free at least :) LOL
Here is a picture of one of my fav's. I did this little guy for Valentine's day this year and it turned out so cute and so fluffy...the dark red is a great hands were stained red tho, but it was worth it.

Okay well I guess I have probably talked way too much for today...I really should be up cleaning and deciding what to get for supper :)
Have a great weekend everyone!

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