Friday, February 20, 2009

What a day....

Today is Friday and I took my youngest to his new school-instead of it being just 2 days a week and 2 hours, this is 5 days a week for 3 hours...this will get him ready for kindergarten, not this fall, but next fall, cause his birthday didn't make the cut off here where we live, so he will be 5 when he starts K and turn 6 in october right after school kind of feels weird to take him to school 5 days a week, but I think he will really enjoy it-when I went to the meeting today to fill out the paper work, I had wondered in the back of my mind why I am I doint this so early if he isn't going until the Fall? and here one of the other students had to move and an opening came up and my little guy got it :) so today was kind of another surprise :) Anyway he seemed to do really well there, he played with the kids, he wrote his name, and he made a rainbow...I am going to be sad when I tell his other two teachers at his pre-school that he won't be back :( and I know he will miss his friends there too, he only had a class of 4 there and at the new one he is with 18 kids, so LOTS more friends :)
Oh another thing that is is my FEATURED DAY on etsy...I bought a spot in the showcase for today in paper goods and YES one of my items is there :) I lowered all my prices and also If you read my blog and see this, when you make a purchase, mention that you read my blog and I will give you FREE SHIPPING on whatever you buy :) You will see a link below of my etsy stuff :)

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Well I have a few things to get done today before my other child gets home from school...we have our last basketball tomorrow morning too and then on Monday we have our appt. at Childrens Hospital in Pittsburgh...oh my what a weekend and beginning to the week it will be :)

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