Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just another day.......

Well today seems to be just another day here in my crazy life...I am not very happy today at all :( as a matter of fact I am very sad and not liking my life very much at all :( Not just one reason, a combo of many reasons!
I would like to sit down and make something creative, but just cannot concentrate, not even enough to do my school work :( I think that maybe a nap would do me good :) I don't know, I am just feeling really crappy today...My family takes TOTAL advantage of me and just expects to KEEP DOING IT FOREVER, you would think that one day maybe they would realize that I might not be here forever and they should maybe layoff :( we will see!

I got my info ready for Luke's doc appt in Pittsburgh on Monday morning...I am not really that thrilled about going by myself, but I guess I will just buck up and do it! He is seeing a female doctor at Children's Hospital...the one good thing is that I know where I am going, so that is good!

I had the best lunch was a hoagie that I bought from the grocery store and I came home and took the lettuce and tomatoes off of it and baked it in the over for a few minutes to heat it up and then I added the lettuce, tomatoes, some mild pepper rings, some pickles, and some ranch dressing and it was the BOMB! Then I had a chocolate glazed doughnut too :) I guess I went crazy, probably because I am not in a real good mood today...I tend to eat WHEN I am like that!

Did I mention that I am crocheting again...I make my youngest son a hat and the mittens are in the works...I am also reading that darn TWILIGHT book that all the teenagers are was just too curious and had to get it from the library and check it isn't too bad from what I have read so far. I have also gotten some fleece and material to make a few neat things that I had DREAMS dreams about, I laid in bed one night and thought up these things that I wanted to make, so I got the stuff to make them, but didn't start yet...I will keep ya posted.... :)

Okay everyone tomorrow is my day to work on my FINAL for my computer class...even if the kids have a snow day I have to do is worth 150 points and it is due on sunday and I really need to get started :)

Have a great day!

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