Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday is here!

Wow I have gotten a ton of stuff done already today and it isn't even lunchtime yet :) I have taken Luke to school, went to a WIC appt., went to McDonalds for a cold coffee and a parfait :), took Troy to school, came home and worked on listing some stuff to sell in my ETSY store (I paid for a showcase on the 20th and now I have 25 items listed), then I went to the store for something for supper, picked Troy up from school, came home fed him, got my supper in the crockpot and loaded and ran the dishwasher :) WOW that is a lot for a little less than 4 hours time. I decided on steaks done in the crock pot with mushrooms and onions :) YUMMY and fried potatoes and a roll, it all sounds so so so good :) I HOPE IT IS!
I am going to try and start on my computer app final this afternoon then work a little in my pysh class and maybe do a few listings for ebay tonight :) If I get those things done this afternoon I will be good to go...Oh and I have to call Pittsburgh to the doc's office that Luke is seeing on MONDAY morning, they called while I was out and I have to return the call...I had better do that first thing :)
I put some scrapbooks together yesterday, some pages that I already had pics on and they needed put into albums :) I really want to do this Easter page that I have all ready to go, but am not sure when I will get to it :( My desk is still a super big mess :( I do have a bunch of pre-made 12x12 pages to list on ebay tho, CHEAP too, I have them and havn't sold them and I am going to try and get them sold, if NOT I will use them for my own photos :) Some are really cute :

Here is a picture of a fall pumpkin picking one that I made :)

The one above will be listed on EBAY tonight with a starting bid of $6.99 now you CANNOT beat that for 2 pages all ready for you to add your photos on :) I have some other pages that will be listing LOW too...I have some really nice items in LOTS for sale on ebay.

I have some other really cute ones listed on etsy too and they are CHEAP...a DAISY tear bear one, a halloween one maybe two :), a cute girly one, and I listed some charms there that are on sale, so check it out if you have time :)

Buy Handmade

I guess I had better get moving and get some more things done, it seems as tho after we have supper and it is evening I am so tired and never get anything more done, so I am best during the daytime HOURS :)

Have a super day everyone and take care!

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