Monday, February 16, 2009

MONDAY morning and.........

of course it seems like a rat race to make it through the week and it just keeps on getting better...grrrrrrrrr....Today I am still working on my scrapbook room/corner and trying to get it better organized and this cleaning crap is GETTING I finally put it all in the corner and cleaned off the dining room table so we can at least eat a mean together tonight :) THAT is an ACCOMPLISHMENT! Now I am writing this and then I have to do some school work and take my dad to Dubois to a doctors appt. When I get home it will be supper time and then hubby will be off to work at 7 p.m. for his 12 hour shift and home in the a.m. and to bed for the day...I am going to start reading a book while I am waiting on my dad (if TROY will let me :) ) it is that TWILIGHT that is so popular with the teenagers right I know, but I just want to read it to see what all the HYPE is about :)
Tomorrow Troy has school and I am goign to try and get A LOT of my school work done in that 2 hours :)
My Middle son LUKE is having urinary problems and my pediatricia suggested we go to Children's hospital in Pittsburgh, so on MONDAY morning we have an 8:30 a.m. appt, so that will be a SUPER early day for us :) I hope that it will all be okay, you know my mom had kidney problems and really they NEVER were sure WHY or when they came about, they just found them too late :( so I am HOPING and PRAYING that they are NOT hereditary or anything like that.... :)
OH the STRESS is making me crazy!
Well I had better get my shower, grab some lunch, do my school work and get MOOOOOVING for the day...I don't want to :(
I will post again later or tomorrow :)
I am being SHOWCASED on ETSY on teh 20th I BELIEVE and I would like to get a bunch of stuff listed in there for that day :) WISH ME LUCK! I only paid $7 but that is alot for the day!

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