Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday Morning...

Wow where did the weekend go :( It seems to take forever to get here and then is over before you know it! I was sick yesterday, not sure what my problem was...I am tired today but better! I am doing laundry and organizing/cleaning up scrapbook stuff...I will be listing more on ebay as soon as I get thru it all :) I am going to the good will store to look for some sweaters that are in nice condition, I have an idea and for 25 cents for a sweater you can't beat it and I NEED a mt. dew...I quit buying it so that I would STOP drinking it, but now I jsut want it MORE :( Gosh it is weird...we are having hamburgers and sweet potatoe fries for supper and then the kids need to get showers and get ready for school this week, homework, bookbags ready and all that good stuff :) I have finals starting this week, my dad has a appt. in Dubois, Troy goes to visit his new school on wednesday and has his regular school on Tues and Thurs, I think that sums it up, but who knows...there are always added things through out the week, that is what makes it so FUN... LOL

Well I guess I ahve some clothes that need folded and more that need put in to wash, so I am off for today...SHORT and SIMPLE...I might update later with any INTERESTING AUCTIONS I might list :) we will see...Have a super happy sunday everyone and take care :)

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