Thursday, February 12, 2009


Despite all that stuff going on here today, I got a ton of things done :) YEAH ME! I love it when I get a lot done :) The weather is crazy here in PA...yesterday it was wickedly warm and raining/melting and today it is crazy cold and spitting snow and it looks like it could blow up a storm, not sure whether that would be a snow storm or thunder storm :) LOL kinda of weird and SUPER WINDY...trees down, no power, no internet and flooding :( NOT a good thing at all...but I took Troy to school, came home and finished my assignment for this week in my computer class and turned it in, made it to the post office, got an ICED VANILLA COFFEE from McDONALD'S my favorite DRINK EVER :), got lunch, took my dad to the hospital for testing, ran in to the store for my dad's groceries, built a fire in the woodburner/it went out :( , and now I am blogging and catching up on the computer :) GOOD GRIEF that is alot and I am sure I missed something :) Tomorrow is a super great day too...well not the morning part of it :( I have to go to the DENTIST :( and I think that I might need a tooth FIXED and I don't want to go :( ---then in the afternoon I am taking a well needed REST/NAP, then the kids are going to my GRAM'S house (godbless and thank the lord for her) and hubby and I are out for the NIGHT-well yes a DATE NIGHT, those do not happen that often and when they do, THEY are great! So since it is V-day weekend, we are doing dinner and a movie :) then maybe going to Wal-Mart for groceries (that is not fun, but without the kids it might be) SO I am pretty excited for tomorrow NIGHT :)
On another note I got an AWESOME scraf today that I bought from a seller on etsy and I am going to post her store link for you, cause I LOVE LOVE IT SO MUCH :) I have worn it all day since I got the mail, it is PURPLE and so so so soft :)
Here is my with my scaf ON :) It doesn't take a whole lot to make me HAPPY :)

The scarf and ME :)
IT looks blue, but it is PURPLE with some sparkys :) SO SO SOFT and AWESOME!

Close-up of the scarf :)

Here is the etsy store link:

So we learned that I got a TON of stuff done today and that it doesn't take much to make me HAPPY-a scarf will do it!

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Have a super wonderful day :) REALLY!

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craftymug said...

That is a beautiful scarf! It looks so soft.
Thanks for visiting and following my site!!