Friday, March 6, 2009

I have a couple of cuties to share with you that I made last night :)

I am trying to write a narrative essay for my english comp class this week and it is due on Sunday and I am just getting no where did write one and that is probably what I will submit, but I just am not happy with it, I don't know if it isn't exciting enough or what, but anyway WHILE I was pondering last night I thought HEY I AM GOING TO MAKE SOMEHING and that I did...above ad two items that are up for bid on ebay right now starting at ONLY $4.99 each and with the way the bidding is going right now, you might be able to get them for that price, go check them out

As for the essay I guess my problem is that I cannot GET ALL THE DETAILS in that I want to and keep with in the word limitations of 750 words :( boo hoo for me...LOL :) I will figure it out I guess.

It is BEAUTIFUL here in PA sun, but super warm weather, about 60 degrees and just wonderful outside :) I am LOVING IT! I think it is gearing up to rain tho and I just don't like all the MUD and stuff that we get when it rains :( Pooh...Well have a super weekend and I will share a new item that I just bought from a super seller...she makes purses and cutie things like that and I bought the most adorable cupcake print purse and just got it today, LOVE IT...she is on myspace and on etsy too...I will give you a you go :)
She is an awesome person and she has HUGE TALENT!

Okay well I am off to get to work on SOMETING :) Have a super duper day and take care :)


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Nicole's Scrappin' Corner said...

OMG, those bunnies are adorable. :O)