Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Things might be looking up........

Yes I said it, things might be looking up around here :) I sure do hope so, not that we have it REALLY BAD, but sometimes it just gets to you and you think GOOD GRIEF will it ever end? and I have had some good things come to light lately, so I am happy now for a little bit :)
My youngest son Troy, he is 4 yrs. he goes to pre-school now and we have to pay for it, which it is well worth it and he loves it, well he got in to our PRE-K counts program that our county offers and it is GREAT, my middle son went to it for a year nad he is in K now and only 5 and he is doing great :) SO this is FREE and it is M-F 9-noon and wow what a lifesaver that was when we got the news for that yesterday :) Also today I semi-kinda got a job offer if I want it and it is going to be available when I am almost done with school, so IT just MIGHT WORK out great, with Troy in pre-k in the a.m. and me working part-time or full-time whichever I choose, and I will be able to leave and pick him up and take him to a day care if needed, so it will BE TOTALLY TERRIFIC :) I am so estatic about it all!
Money is still super tight and I hate it :( lol I am beginning to think tho that even if we had a lot of money it wouldn't matter, we still wouldn't be happy like I think we would be, I mean I always say IF we HAD MONEY there wouldn't be all these problems, but I think the problems would still be here :)
So I am feeling pretty good too, losing some weight and feeling a little less tired...I want to have that lap band surgery done for weight loss, but am SCARED :( so I am trying on my own for a bit to see what happens...if I didn't have HIGH BP and a family history of other MAJOR problems I woudln't be so concerned, but my mom has been gone for almost 3 years now and it just doesn't seem possible and she died VERY YOUNG and I belive because of all of her sicknesses :( I miss her sooooooooooo much! HOLD PLEEEZE having a teary moment :(
Okay back and under control now :)
ANYWHOO on a more positive note, I opened up my EBAY store again in hopes to make a few extra bucks :) SALES were so slow that I closed up and they are still slow, but people are still buying, so I decided why not re-open and keep on making stuff I HAVE The SUPPLIES TO DO IT :) LOL
and I am exploring some other avenues, while I am still at home I need soemthing to keep me BUSY all the time, so I am getting my sewing machine out and working on a few things :) JUST KIND of piddling around and I am crocheting again :) I made TROY a hat and he is hilarious with it and he loves it, he even wears it while watching T.V....what a ham... :) Now he is NOT wearing the hat right, he is being goofy, but when worn correctly it is NICE :) LOL

Oh and I wanted to post a picture of me TODAY, you can TELL that I am a HAPPY PERSON :) LOL

Here I am:

Oh and I have a myspace page that I have some GENTLY USED/SOME NEVER WORN boys clothes on, some scrapbook stuff, some books, toys, and other misc stuff that you should take a peek at for sure :) here is the link for that :)

Oh and my etsy store:

My shophandmade store:

I know I know I have been a busy little bugger...and here is my ebay store at www.tearing bears.com

Make sure if you are looking for any scrapbook stuff that you check out my sites, cause I have some SUPER DEALS and I am cleaning out my closets too :)

Have a super great week everyone and take care :)


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