Friday, January 30, 2009

SO behind............

I am so behind with everything...not just my blogging, but everything :) I have just had so many things going on lately that I cannot keep up :) My sister just had her gallbladder out this week and I had my 8 month old nephew plus my own 3 kids, she is doing well now, so that is good :) I have my college classes too and they are requiring more time this session as well, that is fine too, I have to learn, but man I just can't stay afloat :( everytime I turn around the kids don't have school because of snow or have a delay and then my youngest doesn't have his preschool, so for that entire day my kids run wild and make me crazy :) I am trying to get a grip on all this snow, but it seems as though there is more on the way, don't get me wrong, I love snow but it has been so cold we havn't been able to have fun in it but maybe this time around.
This sunday is superbowl sunday and YES my Steelers made it to the super bowl...oh goodness I HOPE THEY WIN IT ALL! I am a HUGE supporter, fan and lover of them :) lol
I am going to take my middle child to basketball tomorrow, he just started last weekend and he really likes it, so off to that tomorrow and really I think back home to get this place cleaned up :)
I have been trying to go thru my scrapbook stuff and weed out what I am not using or will not use and pay it forward to someone who will, but I just havn't gotten that far yet...but soon.
Soon it will be SPRING and I will be wanting to SPRING clean :)
Okay well that is it for now, hopefully I will be back before months go by :)

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