Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Classes and snow day :(

Well my new classes for this session are CRAZY HARD-well not so much hard as SO MUCH READING-I just can't find any place or any place that is quiet to read :( YIKES! I cannot concentrate when it is crazy in this house, which it always is :( Maybe I am not going about things the right way, maybe instead of going to college to go and get a job I should be focused on getting my life and kids under control? Hmmmm that is something to think about. As if I need anything else floating around in my brain to think about :( Good Grief :(
I am taking a physcology and a computer course and let me tell you they are tough :( a lot of reading is hard for me to do :(
Well company just came to my door and I have to see what is going on :( oh worries me :(
Have a great day everyone and be safe!

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