Monday, October 13, 2008

Talk about a LONG TIME....

I couldn't even begin to tell you what I have been up to :( I feel badly that I have not been able to BLOG...cause I love it so :) But I guess just LIFE in general could be to blame for my blogging
I have been helping my sister out, she got a full-time job that is more than 40 hours a week salary and I have been keeping my nephew all those hours and wow it is hard...My youngest is going to be 4 on the 27th and my nephew is only 4 months and what a difference it is having a baby again :) photo wears me out! But that is where most of my time has been spent...that and also I am enrolled in college for heathcare technology starting on teh 27th as busy busy...I guess that keeping busy is BEST that way you don't really have time to worry :)
We all went over the weekend to an PUMPKIN FARM that is about 25 minutes away from where we live and it was so much FUN...the kids had a blast: we went on a hayride, the kids rode a tractor ride, we at homemade pie and apple cider, picked our own pumpkins, checked out some animals at a petting zoo...and much fun!

I think it is finally fall here in PA the leaves are changing colors SO BEAUTIFUL, the nights are cooler, and it isn't as warm during the day and some are predicting snow by the end of the month...we will see!

I think that I am ready for FALL...we have a woodburner and I LOVE the smell of it and love burning it to keep us warm and toasty :) and plus I love thanksgiving and chrismtas too :) cannot wait!
I hope you are all having a great week and taking care!

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