Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting Ready for School and....

so many other mean I am ready or at least I think that I am ready...graduating in 1994 (wow that shows my age :( ) I feel like I am going to do well I HOPE I DO! I also have a field trip to the pumpkin farm with TROY, a Birthday (Troy is gonna be 4), School starting on 10-27 (college for Health Technology), working my part time job and running all this internet stuff...GOSH I hope I can do it all PLUS take care of my FAMILY! I bet my hubby hopes I can do it all too...LOL.
This weekend in my sis-in-laws bridal shower...that should be fun...her and my hubbys bro are getting married in JAMAICA...we were all invited, we just can't afford to go and besides I don't think that I could leave my kids for that amount of time...I mean if you didn't go for at least 4 days it probably wouldn't even be worth we are NOT going, we will have to see it all by VIDEO or PHOTOS or both...I am sure they will have lots of pics to share :)
I am so getting into this FALL in PA this week it is COLD and it is supposed to get colder and I am thinking YES we get to burn the wood stove for the first time...YEAH I love it! Can't
Other than that really nothing new...I have so much stuff to do and sometimes the day goes by and I am like WOW where did that day go :( and of course I feel that I accomplished NOTHING...but I will get it done...I know I will...Take care everyone and have a super weekend.

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