Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wow talk about a LONG TIME.....

I have been so darn busy that I have NEGLECTED my blog :( poor really I love to blog, but lately I just havn't had an extra minute to myself :( which is super sad...I mean who doesn't need a minute to themselves? Right now all my kids are in school but I am babysitting my nephew Quinton...such a can see pics of him here on my blog...he will 4 months old on the how time flies...I can remember it like yesterday when he was born...cause YES I was there...I was the support for my sister and it was an awesome Experience since I had all 3 of my kids via c-sections...awake and got to see them all as they were born, but not the same as my sisters natural birth :) Very awesome :)
So new things going on right now...I am debating about taking online college courses...Hmmmm I know that seems silly, you either want to or not, well I do work part-time out of my home, but that job is just about done, so that is some lost income...with ebay so stinking slow right now...I have the time for the classes, I just don't know if I want the loans that go with it :( Hmmm any other moms out there taking college courses? If so in what? and how is it working into your mommy schedule? I am cursious to know how people do it...I mean the reason that got me thinking this way is all my kids are now in school and I have time on my hands and YES I can scrapbook and sell on ebay, but I cannot make the income on ebay that I had been making :( sad. So that compelled me to think of what I want to do with my life...My youngest is still just in pre-school a couple of days a week, but in 1 1/2 he will be in all day Kindergarten, so that will leave me here HOME ALONE all week :( YIKES.....!
Well duty is calling me in the name of a dirty diaper and a I must go, but please if you are reading this stop in and leave me a comment especially if you are a mom/wife/taking college courses at home or super week everyone!

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