Sunday, August 24, 2008

The weekend is....

almost over and it is hard to believe but my kids have ONE MORE WEEK at home and then they start SCHOOL...yeah for me! My two oldest went to N.Y. to my grams house boat for the weekend, they are having a blast, but ready to come home and I am ready to have them home :) Their brother misses them and doesn't know what to do without them, he is beside himself :( So this coming week is a SUPER BUSY one for me and the kids...My sister got a full time day job 6a.m.-3p.m. and I am watching her son, my nephew, QUINTON...I am sure we are going to have a blast...PLUS I have 3 kids to take to school orientation, 2 doctors appts for myself, one doctor appt for my dad, and lets see what else...RUN a household, cook dinner, and etc....BUSY BUSY BUSY! I just did some revamping in my ebay store and put a TON of stuff on SALE and relisted some new stuff and I also have *99* CENT auctions up for this can't beat 99 cents :) so if you have a minute go take a peek in there :)
Well I will write again later in the week...I am trying to get a lot done today but my youngest is needing me to do something with him, so I am off to build with blocks :) Have a super sunday and take care everyone!

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