Monday, August 18, 2008

The beginning of a NEW WEEK!

What is on your AGENDA this week? I have some things to do, but mostly doctor related :( I have allergies and I am currently getting allergy shots and oh my I am sick :( I hate being sick I mean who doesn't, but mine is like CONSTANT :( On another note I went thru my ebay store and PUT ALL RIBBONS, CHARMS, STAMPS, STICKERS, Alterable ITEMS, and MORE ON if you are a scrapbooker or card maker you might want to take a peek and I will give you FREE SHIPPING if you tell me that you read my blog :) on all purchases of $30.00 or more.
Also is doing a super FUN scavenger hunt with a cool should check it out and PLAY :) there is a BINGO going on in the forums too :)
I am finishing up buying school stuff for all 3 of mine to go to school this year, my youngest in pre-school only 2 days a week, but still clothing for all of them and shoes WOW I am glad that I started early :) How is your school shopping going? I have a 12 yr. old daughter who has to have WHAT she THINKS is COOL, not what I think looks good :( I am sure!
Anyone doing anything adventurous? I haven't been feeling so great lately, so I havn't done a whole lot...We would still like to take a trip to the zoo before school starts :)
Well one of my kids is beconing me so I gotta run...Have a SUPER GREAT week everyone and TAKE CARE!

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