Monday, August 11, 2008

Home and

Well I am home from vacation-have been home-but recovering...when I say that I mean after packaing, unpackaing, all that activity, not much sleep, being sick, then packing to come home, unpacking when home, and getting all laundry done....I am still vactaion went okay, I wasn't feeling well, so it wasn't the greatest, but the kids had fun and that is all that counts...I want to TAKE a DAY TRIP to the PITTSBURGH ZOO before school starts tho, I love love love zoos and they have some baby animals there and I am excited to go there, we are about 2 hours away and if there is any construction then more than 2 hours travel time will be required...but worth it I hope.

I have been plugging away at NEW listings in my EBAY store and also at my site and of course trying to get PEOPLE there as much as possible....I really do think that if people would go there and check out the site they would see and realize it is just like ebay ONLY cheaper and NOT so many rules, NO FINAL VALUE FEES just a store fee and auction fees and RIGHT now you can GET A FREE STORE (no strings attached) and list for absolutely nothing and sell for nothing too...NOW how can you beat that? We are on YOUTUBE, we are on the search engines, we are on a ton of freebie advertisers, I just did a new one today, anxious to see how it turns out for the money that we paid I HOPE GOOD!, we send out info in the mail all the time, we are CONSTANTLY trying to get more EXPOSURE and also KEEP the sight USER FRIENDLY and a FUN place to be....WE recently added a RECIPE page and it is COOL, you can go there and find recipes and also submit recipes...I have updated the forums with some DIETING/HEALTY lifestyle info and there is a ton of scrapbooking/crafting how-to's, questions, answers and more there....In our GALLERY you can see some of our users work....WE have a swap/trade where you can recycle in a sense...go there and put your UNWANTED items up and trade with someone for something you want or need...I am telling you WE have COME UP with an AWESOME SITE and we just need PEOPLE to realize this and WE WILL HAVE IT MADE! So please TAKE A MINUTE and go to and BROWSE around---we are having our GRAND OPENING with contests/prizes too, so take a mintue and GIVE THE scavenger hunt a try :) You will NOT be DISAPPOINTED and if you are not interested, pass the addy onto someone YOU THINK would benefit from seeing/visiting our site :)
Do your good dead for the day!

My kids are gearing up for school...My daughter is going into high school this year, my middle child and son is starting kindergarten and my youngest/son is going to go to pre-school...I will NOT know what I to do with two older ones will be in school all day, but the little guy will only go 2 days a week for 3 hours a day, but still some MUCH needed time for me to do something...MAYBE just take a walk and REFRESH myself with no one tugging on me or asking me a million and one questions...I hope it all goes as planned....this is the first year in a while that our kids will go to school on time with NO TEACHERS STRIKE...yeah! I am anxious for FALL NOW I thought that summer was my favorite season, but I think it has to be FALL...I like to be cool, NOT HOT and I like the beautiful leaves and the pumpkins...I guess I love it all!

Well I do hope that you are all having a wonderful beginning of a new week and take care...I will be back soon!

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