Wednesday, August 6, 2008

On Vacation....

Well I am still on vacation...LAST DAY/NIGHT....and I am glad...I havn't felt that great the whole darn time :( BUT we did have fun...the kids were wild and crazy as usual...nothing slows them down :) I did get to go into some awesome stores that I have NEVER been into and found some awesome scrapbooking stuff :) YEAH ME! Abby found some great beads to do her beading...Dave bought SALMON JERKEY :( yes got a new yard game, can't wait to play it....and today we PAINTED our VERY OWN t-shirts at the water park and I made one for little Quinton...he won't wear it right away, but he can wear it as a night gown now :) I had fun doing it, the boys made t-shirts and abby made a bag...oh and the boys did sand art too...what a had lunch at Applebees today...their french onion soup is to die good :) I think we are going to head on down to the water park for a while and then just order a pizza for a snack and then come back and get ready for bed...I am so darn tired :( I wish the kids were tired too :) We have to go and get a family picture taken and turn in our arcade points to get our prizes and that is pretty much it, maybe we will rent an in room movie tonight for the kids...hmmmm I wish I knew they would sit and watch it :) Well I got some awesome scrapbook papers and I so can't wait to use excited and I also got an awesome new punch to do bear eyes...I have never in my life spent $12 on a I so can't wait to use it either...I wish I could find a neat punch for a bears nose as well and then NO MORE HAND CUTTING :)...Okay well I guess I had better get my butt moving and get these crazy kids to the water park...I will write again when I get home...I am missing home is weird I never really missed home before, but I am missing it now...and my sis and the baby :) Take care everyone!

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