Sunday, July 20, 2008

SO MANY NEW scrapbook/card making/crafting ITEMS LISTED!

IF you are a CRAFTER of any KIND you should DEFINATELY visit my ebay store at and my store at I have LISTED A TON of NEW ITEMS and I am also CLEANING out my SCRAPBOOKING area and finding a ton of stuff that I no LONGER NEED/ my LOSS and your GAIN!!!! I also have another store at that has Avon items and kids books that are gently used you can find it here's This-n-That there are also some COOKBOOKS on there as well.
With that said I also wanted to say that I had a pretty decent weekend on top of all that work....The weather has been FAIR other than the HOT, HUMID, STICKYNESS but I have A/C so I am USING IT....My kids are getting pretty crazy to get out tho, so TONIGHT I think we will be going outside if the rain holds off....they need to get out and RUN AROUND and wear OFF SOME OF THIS ENERGY they have!
I am hoping that if you are reading this you will GO TO and see what all there is there, we are GROWING...slow but sure....We have some VERY TALENTED SELLERS and they DESERVE to be seen....GO there and register for FREE and browse around and read about all the CONTESTS that are going on now and coming up...we have some awesome ELECTRONIC PRIZES and GIFT CARDS that would BE GREAT TO HAVE! Check out our CONTEST page, our GALLERY, and NEW RECIPES....just go to and you will see all the LINKS there!
I have some photos that I want to post of my new items, my nephew, my kids, the FAIR, the goodyear blimp, the Budweiser Clydesdale horses, and MORE as soon as I figure out how MY FRIENDS SOON!
Have a super SUNDAY everyone and TAKE CARE!

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