Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun at the FAIR 2008

Well we went to our COUNTY FAIR last night and let me tell you it was a NICE EVENING OUT! Even tho it is ridiculously hot here in PA it was still a nice evening out with the family and my sister and baby nephew went with us too. There were lots of displays to see, a petting zoo with some awesome animals, of course all the 4-H animals as well, RIDES, tons and tons of FOOD, games, and so much more. My kids had a ball and my daughter even did a bungee jumping thing, it was a harness that they put you in and then you were suspended above a huge trampoline and you could jump and do flips and stuff....VERY NEAT! The boys were real troopers and rode almost every ride there and liked them. I had some fries with cheese on them and a fresh peach smoothie YUM so good :) We never go to the fair but this year we decided to go and indeed I think it was worth it for a nice FAMILY NIGHT OUT TOGETHER! Soon our daughter will be 13 yrs. old and needless to say she is already going on age I am thinking that one of these days she won't want to go and do anything with us :( so I guess cherish the time spent NOW! Well today I added music to my blog and am very proud of of these days I might be able to do big spectacular I guess I had better get back to work tearing bears for my orders that need to ship today...You all have a super day and take care....Tammy

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