Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wow I can't believe that I am doing yet another blog....

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Yes I said ANOTHER blog :) You see I have a blog on ebay, on, my space, and this one....I just love blogging what can I say....I guess because there is no RIGHT way or WRONG way of blogging :) No one to critique me!
So let me start off by saying name is Tammy and I am a stay-at-home mom of 3 great kids ages 12, 5, and 3 and in my FREE time I make and sell tear bears/scrapbook supplies on ebay and at which leads me to another thing that I do....I am part owner of and I also help run that site as well....SO I am busy, but I love love love to make tear bears....they are so addicting and so cute....each one turns out different and you just never know what type of personalitly they are going to have until they are all done....I have been working on a new bear lately called a belly button bear/animals they are made from cardstock and most all of them have a cute little belly button....and I have made/copyrighted all of my patterns so I will sell patterns/kits in the furture....I love what I do and WOULDN'T CHANGE a thing :)

I can't even believe how QUICKLY this summer is flying by :( I am sad in a way, my middle son starts kindergarten in the fall and my oldest goes to HIGH SCHOOL :( YIKES I feel for now this is it....I do have lots to share and tell, so stay tuned and please feel free to comment or contact me at and also if you want to check out it is FREE to register and we are having TONS of promotions/contests/prizes right now thru the END of check it out!

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