Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well got NEW FURNITURE today...yeah and I LOVE IT! I never in a million years thought I would EVER own a LEATHER COUCH and guess what I DO NOW...LOVING IT :0) It is so comfy and I love the smell of also got a new t.v. stand/entertainment we just need an AWESOME NEW HUGE really it all looks great and everything is in its place and all dusted and clean and nice looking...FOR a day or so....until my kids go crazy :0) You gotta love are so darn busy and they never stop...from sun up until later than sun down they are up and on the go :o) BUSY BUSY, but I wouldn't have it any other way....So the new furniture is GREAT!
Also I have been busting my hump listing items in my ebay store.... ....I know I was going to close it, but I have so many customers there and it is so hard to get them TO MOVE ELSEWHERE, but they are is like they are DRAGGING THEIR FEET, but as long as they stay I will too...unless fees get too out of control :0( My is moving right along, we are gearing up for our GRAND opening in AUGUST with lots of prizes...DEFINATELY go there and see, we are putting up pictures of the prizes soon :0)
Well it is totally too late here for me to be up, but for some crazy reason I AM NOT TIRED...good grief....anyway I will write more later....I am missing my little man nephew...I havn't seen him for a few days and I miss him :0(

Have a great evening everyone in blogging world and take care!

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