Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Hump Day everyone...Yes it is WEDNESDAY!

Well this means the week is half over and the weekend is for me I am loving this kids ALL 3 of them are at BIBLE SCHOOL from 6-8:30 p.m. and I am having a ball working in PEACE and QUIET...I forgot what that was love my kids but sometimes I just need a break...Like some time away from being the MOMMA :) Anywho we had some rain here but no cooler weather...I am not bothered by it tho, I use our A/C and we are cool...I know my plants probabably LOVED the rain water...I have a beautiful sunflower with lots of flowers on it, some cukes, tomatoes, some red raspberries, and some flowers that all need water...all are doing pretty good, we have already ate berries and tomatoes...I finally got my ebay store all FILLED UP with new items...That was rewarding...My 3happymoms store is coming along, it is tough to keep both stores running and the website and a FAMILY :) I am taking a break from working tonight, I have been snacking, ordering more stuff online, and doing some laundry...I still have 45 mins before I have to get the kids and I think I am going to pay bills...One of the kids is going to my grams to spend the and I was also thinking of taking the kids by myself (since hubby is on 3-11 this week) to the drive in to see that Wall-E movie...I think I might like it too :) I thought it sounded fun and I can take the van and we can put all the seats down and veg out in the back :) FUN FUN FUN...That is what they make car washes I guess bill paying it know that is NOT a fun thing at all :( I hate paying out monies for bills :( Who doesn' well if you are reading this you should DEFINATELY TAKE a few MINUTES and go to and see all the awesome items up for sale there and also visit my store a super night and take care....Tammy

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