Friday, August 1, 2008

Well my day was pretty good is FRIDAY and I feel like the week went pretty well...altho I havn't been feeling that great lately, not sure why :( a few headaches, sick to my stomach, and achiness...YUCK! Anywho I am well we are getting ready to go on vacation...we have been waiting to go all summer now, you see my hubby switched jobs this year (What a HUGE SURPRISE that was/different day for that story) anyway it changed we do swing shift and he doesn't get weekends off and very rarely has 2 full days off in a row, he loves his job, but it is hard to plan we finally have our chance and it is fast approaching...I feel rushed....we are leaving at the beginning of the week and will be gone a couple of days...we have 3 kids, abby 12, luke 5, and troy 3, and I do hope they enjoy themselves and I hope to get some ENJOYMENT from this little get away as well :) I am sure it will be nice to just get away :) So I probably won't be on here until the end of next week...I have so much to do and so little time to do it...both stores need to be stocked and items scheduled to list and of course they have to be made first :) so busy busy and hubby is working right up until we leave, so he won't be a whole lot of help...NOW I might just pop in and blog while we are away, cause I get home sick without my puter and since I am so addicted to blogging WELL you know I will be have wifi in the hotel, so for sure I will be blogging at night when the kids go to bed :) Can't miss anything :(

I am currently piddling around with making a utube video for the 3happymoms site and let me tell you if I figure it out I am AWARDING myself a MEDAL of some type :) I am such a nerd when it comes to that type of stuff and I am havign a horrendous time :( YIKES if that is even a word.

Also I have been admiring so many talend artists on ebay and thinking that I myself cannot compete anymore :( so sad, but sometimes I feel a HUGE LACK of creativness :( so sad...I need to get myself MOTIVATED and get some stuff made :) I did order all my prints of the baby (my nephew Quinton being born up until now) so maybe HOPEFULLY with the few pages that I have done I will get an album completed for my sister HIS MOMMA :) He was here tonight and what a CUTIE PIE he is...I miss him so much when I don't see him :( We live in the same town ONLY but 2 miles apart, but with my FAMILY, LIFE, BUSINESS, and her stuff, it makes it hard to find the time to get together and sometime we are both just DOWN...we lost our momma a little over a year ago and it seems as tho just yesterday she was with us and I miss her so so so much and my sister does too...she wasn't here to see our NEW LITTLE man QUINTON, but I am sure she knows :) Gosh I miss my momma :( But I am compelled to get some stuff done...I have an album sitting with so many momentos to do for a memory book for her, Quintons albums, my kids albums, and of course my NEW CREATIONS for ebay and my 3happymoms store...WOW that is alot and I shouldn't have a problem getting motivated :) LOL...I think that I just talked myself into it :) ! WOW I am GOOD!

At the top you will see a fancy banner that I made so cool and pretty I was playing around with a new site that I found :) while attempting to do the u tube video :)

Oh and if you do decide to visit the site, please copy and paste this link into your browser

go to the REGISTER TAB at the TOP right it is BLUE and get STARTED
...if anything SIGN up and BROWSE around and if you decide you want to SELL then we will set you up with the FREE STORE thru the end of 2008 and you will GET FREE ADVERTISMENT for your product and yourself....GOOD DEAL I THINK and we are also having our GRAND OPENING thu the month of AUGUST with some awesome contests and prizes...IT is well worth checking out...THANKS for reading and have a SUPER WEEKEND!

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