Monday, November 2, 2009


I am beginning to like mondays way better than weekends...of course I work on weekends and not during the week...well if you call school work and running my preschooler to school and house work and such not really I don't care for the weekends :(

So today it was frosted outside, but the sun is shining brightly.

I am so ready for it to stay cold so that I can use my woodburner everyday...I love that smell :) I know most of you think that I am crazy and YES I AM, but that is just what I like.

SO for our halloween Troy dressed as Santa clause, he was perfect. Luke was a pirate and a good one at that. Troy tried to recruit someone to be his reindeer and no one would do it, so finally his 14 yr. old sister felt bad and strapped on the antlers and the bright red nose for him. What a good girl she is :) I have pics posted on my facebook in my halloween album 2009 if u want to take a I am on my laptop doing school work and the pics are on the desktop computer :) Fun was had by all and then we went to the annual pumpkin roll down a huge brick street we have in town and it was cool :)

I am sure that the end of Halloween has sparked Christmas shopping. Some I know have already begun...oh what fun that really I just LOVE this time of the year....xoxoxoxoxox

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