Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trying SOMETHING NEW.........

I just decided this week that I would relist my items in my ETSY store and also list a bunch of new items that I just got in and also that I had made...well this week has been great, not a large amount of income, but SALES and that is what counts :)
It is hard when you sell something that people DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE...I mean don't get me wrong, there are some die hard scrappers out there that have to have what they WANT and do, but people who do not have the money are not going to buy premade scrapbook stuff when they can do it my stuff is more for CONVIENCE and SAVING TIME than for NEED :) I have been browsing the etsy site and chatting with some of the other sells and LET ME TELL you I am going to be doing some XMAS shopping there...there are some SUPER TALENTED people that make WONDERFUL CRAFTS on that site and I am really enjoyeing it...I don't ENJOY SELLING on ebay anymore because it is so costly, but I can't seem to get my ebay customers to budge :( ANYWHO I am hoping to develope a following on etsy and make some new FRIENDS :) I know that I have a huge FAV'S list and I intend to shopping soon :)
Another thing, I put my youngest in PRE SCHOOL that we are paying for, we really don't have the money, but SINCE THE WONDERFUL PA BUDGET isn't passed his PRE K hasn't started, so he was just hanging out with me and kept begging to go to school and be a big boy, so that we did and HE did GREAT :) He loves it...only 2 days a week for 3 hours, but hey it is something and if the PRE K never starts well at least he is getting something under his belt before having to go to ALL DAY KINDERGARTEN :( he is my baby you see and he will be 5 on October 27 and it is breaking my heart :( LOL...On a lighter note, I just had a CELEBRATING HOME PARTY and will be joining their selling team, so if anyone OUT there needs any stuff, look me up and ALSO they have a GREAT FUNDRAISING opportunity as well :) Great for school stuff, scouts, clubs, anything really...the CANDLES that they sell burn for 55 hours and are CLEAN and BURN right to the bottom, NO PROBLEMS, NO WASTE, and they SMELL WONDERFUL :)
I am also thinking about taking up business for the sounds funny, but you know what I mean, selling pet products...and making my own HOMEMADE DOGGIE TREATS, scarves, coats, and such :) Not sure yet tho...I would love to get back into the craft show circuit and sell stuff, but my mom and I did that and it just isn't the same without her :(
Okay well I am up WAY past my bedtime now and am heading off :)
Well WISHES to all !!

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Joyce @ Cheap Frills said...

Good luck with your new ventures Tammi! I too am going to start selling on Etsy soon. I'll let you know when my shop opens - maybe you could let me know the name of yours too! Have a great weekend.