Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have to admit........

that I don't get to blog as much as I want to. It just seems as tho I am too busy :( It does make me feel better tho to write about stuff that I have done :) I also follow a lot of really great blogs and wish that I had more time to read them :)

I have made some really cute bears, cards, and I am now making tear bear dresses :)
Here are some photos :)

SO yes I have been busy creating :) The bear is EXTRA fluffy and layered :) the dresses are made out of ribbon :) and the cards are Easter cards for family :)

Tomorrow I am spending the entire day (with the exception of running my pre schooler to and from school) on school work, I have been NEGLECTING it and not getting what I should out of it :( I am already into pre finals :( SO I have to get my butt on the ball and get busy, so that is what tomorrow is going to consist of.

I wanted to watch the new season of RESCUE ME tonight on FX and indeed I did, but right before I went to watch it, my dad called and he told me that my sister and my baby nephew are moving to FLORIDA :( that is like so far away and she has no money, and will have no job, she has a loser of a boyfriend with no job, they are supposed to be moving with the boyfriends sister and I think the sister just wants the baby, she has 5 kids and only has custody of 1 of them and she wants a baby and can't have one :( I am so upset...My sister and I are all each other has (I mean I have my family) but my sister has no one, our mom died suddenly a few years ago and there is just no one and ever since my mom died, my sister just can't seem to make ONE RIGHT DECISION :( I can't help her financially, I have my own family with a hubby and 3 kids, but darn it I don't want her to leave, I am too poor to go there to see her and she won't have a job and will never have the money to see me :( GOOD GRIEF...I don't know what to do!

Well I guess I will hope that tomorrow is better...I should be in bed right now, but can't sleep :(

Have a great week everyone and a wonderful EASTER HOLIDAY...the kids and I have lots planned, egg hunts, coloring eggs, a trip to our drive in to see the new monster vs aliens movie and hotel for dogs, and easter dinner at my grams :) SO much fun :)


Gossamer Creations said...

Oh your tear bears dresses are so cute. I love your tear bears. It sounds like you have some fun Easter plans. I hope your holiday is wonderful.

Crafting with Sue said...

Oh these outfits are so darn CUTE! I just love the little dresses!! Have a Wonderful Easter Tammy!