Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cleaning House....

I am not sure why, but the warmer weather seems to make me want SPRING TIME EVEN MORE and it makes me want to CLEAN is like I want to get rid of all this stuff that has been hanging out around the house all fall and winter long :) I guess it is just ME wanting spring to get here NOW! I am totally ready, the robin's are out, the sun is shining, and the temperatures are GREAT! I don't really care for HOT weather, but the mid 60's with no humidity is GOOD FOR ME :)
Even Hubby got in the cleaning mood today and cleaned out our VAN, thoroughly :) I mean he did the new rug thing, windows, door jams, and the whole deal :) I love to drive a nice clean vehicle and with 3 kids and a van it is hard to do :) They always seem to find that MUD, WATER, or SNOW to get into and drag into the van :( Grrrr...well anyway it is clean now for a little bit :)
I am so excited that my little critter cozy pouch that I wrote about earlier has a bid on eBay :) yeah me! My little dog Rudy loves his and he doesn't like to come out of it either.
I am going to experiment with some new things too, when I get the time...I am going to try and make some little dresses for my tear bears and bunnies out of material and ribbons and add a little embellishment to them :) I am not sure how that will work out, but I am always interested in NEW and EXCITING ideas.
I have some auctions ending soon and there are some good deals there too...I have FREE SHIPPING with a $20 or more purchase :) Just let me know when you are all done shopping and I will combine the invoice and do FREE SHIPPING for you. Everything is on SALE too!
Well I just finished my compare/contrast paper and let me tell you I am glad that it is a ROUGH DRAFT, cause I was none too happy with it at ALL :( As a matter of fact, I couldn't pick a darn topic and had several and couldn't come up with anything to write about and OH MY...I guess I am NOT a writer and that is why I didn't choose that career :) Anyway it is submitted I can't wait to see the damage :( YIKES! My heart wasn't in it at all!
Alrighty everyone I am going to finish up some laundry, tear some bears, and head off to bed...I am tired tonight and all the kids are out!
Take care everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

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debra said...

Hi Tammy don't wory about the pic link you will be entered. love the tearbears by the way it's the first i have ever seeen.
Debra xx